Should I Pay Someone To Write My CV?

Get someone else to write your CV

I recently had this comment from a reader on one of my blog posts: “Hi Jo, do you think it makes a big difference in having your CV professionally created for you?“. I think a lot of people wonder about this so I thought I’d share my reply.

Hi Jennifer, that’s actually a really good question. I don’t think you have to have your CV written by a professional but I do believe it helps. It’s easier for me to write someone else’s CV because I can look at it objectively, I know the right questions to ask in order to discover someone’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition = how you roll), I have the writing skills to present the info concisely and clearly, and I know what keywords should be used so the person gets called to interview.

Most people come to me because they’ve literally spent days wrestling with their CV and are at the point where they want to throw themselves under a bus! A lot of people are perfectly capable of writing their own CV but some have no interest in doing so, some don’t have the time, and some would just prefer someone else to sort it out for them. I would say most people come to this site however because they just need to get an idea of what to do so they can go off and write their own which is why I give away loads of free advice and why I wrote the Awesome CV Cheat Sheet.

So why have someone write your CV for you? Well I could cut my own hair or re-tile my bathroom but actually I’d prefer to pay a professional because it’ll save me time, a whole load of hassle, and they’ll do a much better job than I can. Getting someone to write your CV is the same – yes you have to pay some money but if you see it as an investment for a necessary document whose sole purpose is to get you a job worth thousands then it’s worth getting it right whether you do it yourself or not.

Tip – If you do decide to hire a professional CV writer then make sure they offer a personal service, that they’ll talk through your work history, achievements, and skills, that they come recommended through testimonials or friends, and that they offer a free consultation so you can get a sense of their integrity and experience. It’s extremely important that you have a CV that’s uniquely tailored to your experience and skills and not some boring, bland, generic CV that inspires nobody so don’t hire them unless you’re confident they care about you.

If you’d like to hire me to write your CV then use the Services drop-down menu for rates etc. If you’d rather have a go yourself then download some free CV examples or buy the Awesome CV Cheat Sheet which outlines exactly what you need to do to have an interview-getting CV.


2 Responses to Should I Pay Someone To Write My CV?

  1. Tanvi varshney says:

    I am impressed…

  2. Triin says:

    These are great points that you have brought out, Joanne.
    People tend to realize that something is wrong only when they have sent over hundreds of CVs and getting no replies. It is worth to save your time and give a look at your CV first. Especially if you are trying to get a job on foreign job markets.
    If you feel you are not creative enough or you do not have the writing skills or time for polishing your CV, you should definitely find a professional writer. You will have to make an investment between 50-120 euros, but it’s definitely worth it.
    Giving your CV to professional writers guarantees 80% that you will get a call for an interview after sending over your new resume to desired companies. Then it’s in your hands, how well you manage on interviews.

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