how do I write a personal profile?

How to write a great personal profile

When I used to receive an CV enquiry I always asked the person to email me a copy of their current CV along with links to the types of jobs they were looking for so I could see if their CV matched what their potential employer wanted. I rarely saw a decent CV but without a shadow of a doubt, the shonkiest section was always their Personal Profile. It’s actually a really hard section to write… so how do you write a good one?

Here’s how the whole getting-a-job thing works:

  • Your covering letter is so good someone bothers to read your CV
  • They immediately read your Personal Profile which outlines your incredible value to a company and is interesting enough for them to bother reading down to your Key Skills/Skills Summary section
  • Your Skills Summary section outlines your most important skills, they match the job you’re applying for, and the recruiter bothers to read page two of your CV
  • Satisfied that you meet their requirements, the recruiter (or more likely an assistant) puts your CV in the ‘people my boss might want t0 interview because their CV is easy to read and matches what we asked for’ pile
  • The person who might hire you then properly reads your CV and asks you to come in for an interview

Without giving all my tricks away (that’s the advanced info I sell in my guides of course!) here are some tips to help you get a better understanding of how to write a personal profile so a recruiter will even bother to read the rest of your CV.

3 tips on writing a great personal profile

1) Don’t write generic nonsense 

Aprofile should be a factual statement about what you can do and not just about your personality. Sure, you can say “I’m an energetic Events Manager” but don’t go on about how you’re ‘hard working and reliable’ because everyone says that and that’s just your opinion of yourself. Your CV should then contain supporting evidence of whatever you’ve just claimed in your profile.

2) Write the profile last

Write your career history backwards. By the time you”ve finished writing your Career History then listing your Key Skills, you’ll have a much better idea of what you do best, what your USP is, what your career has been focused on actually doing and therefore what your value is.

Your profile should then be quite easy to write as it’s simply a summary of the things you do best.

3) It’s a nutshell

Your personal profile is a summary statement of what you do, how you do it, and to what result – so a good example would be: “I’m an award-winning Senior Sales Executive with over 12 years key account handling experience in the auto industry. A persuasive negotiator with excellent communication skills, I have a proven track-record of combining a strong product knowledge with exceptional levels of service to maximise opportunities and drive sales in a competitive target-based environment.”




But I don’t have any of this to make me look good in my profile, all I have is 1 year experience in fast food! :S

Joanne Munro

But you do have some skills there. You accurate have money handling, adhering to Health & Safety & Food Hygiene regulations, representing a brand, customer communication, customer service, adhering to company standards and policies. There’s always something you can put. And if you need other things to go on your CV then you refer to your education or you do some voluntary work to get some experience to put on. So if you want to go in to events for example, then you volunteer to help out at different types of local weekend events so you can get some experience and be shown what happens behind the scenes. Think around the problem my friend!

Cedric R

Thanks so much..
I have to provide a CV and personal profile for our submission,
does CV and personal profile should be together?
thanks for helping me

Joanne Munro

Hi there, Yes, the personal profile goes at the top of your CV. You don’t need to have one, but it’s a great way to summarise your CV and encapsulate the skills that you will be bringing to the position. As with your Covering Letter and CV, the personal profile should be tailored for every position to reflect the main skills required for the position you’re applying for.


Its difficult to write a personal statement when you have had some many different titles since graduation.

I graduated three years ago. I have a years experience as a legal assistant and have been working freelance as a musician since graduating producing music for myself and clients.

My last job was a six month internship at a circus working in Marketing and Fundraising.

How could I summarise that in a personal profile that is meant for digital marketing?

Joanne Munro

Hi Kat, Without knowing your complete career history and Digital Marketing experience it’s hard to know the exact wording, but you could write something like:

“I am a confident and creative graduate with a degree in Digital Marketing. A highly-motivated analytic thinker, I have a successful track-record of exceeding expectations and I strive to utilise my full range of communication, marketing, and research skills to professionally deliver business and project objectives both when working alone and as part of a larger team.” (tailor as applicable)

OR I am a confident and creative Digital Marketing graduate with both practical and theoretical project management and marketing experience. Visually aware with an eye for design trends, I have experience of creating, delivering, and managing a broad range of multi-channel marketing campaigns across a variety of web-based platforms.

OR add this in somewhere instead: “…. an effective communicator with excellent (complete to fit) skills, I am adept at managing simultaneous projects aimed at increasing engagement, raising brand loyalty and awareness, expanding market penetration, and driving sales.

Then you could always add “I am currently looking for an opportunity to further my career within Digital Marketing” at the end

Change things to reflect what you actually do or have done or skills that you have or need. You’ve had some practical experience so make sure your skill set (at the top under your profile) are all skills you need for the career you want. The write Related Career History or Marketing Career History and start that way instead – THEN write near the end “Other Career History”. If you degree is essential to the job you want then put it on the front page with the Relevant career History. make sure the good stuff is all on the front page. tell them the things they need to know and gloss over the stuff they don’t care about. x


Would I need to write about the voluntary work I did for a care home in my profile? Also I currently work at a sport club on the turnstile, I’m stuck on what sort of skills I would have gained from this, it doesn’t seem like it requires any

Joanne Munro

Hi Matt, It depends on the job you want to go for and whether they would find the info useful or not. Always try to keep in mind who is going to read this and what do they want to know – then tell them just that. A CV won’t get you a job, its sole purpose is to get you to interview though. Think about whether you do anything else on the turnstile (liaise with people, oversee anything, deal with money, direct people etc) if not and it’s not going to be of any interest to the person reading it, then don’t bother with it.

If a job or career you want needs certain skills or experience then you’re going to have to go and get them. It’s likely they will get applications from people who do have the skills so you won’t get anywhere unless they can see you have an understanding and practical experience of the position. This usually means voluntary work sadly but you’ll have to think round a problem rather than give up. if you want something then think of everything you can do to get it.

marianne limen

can i ask for help on what to write on cv’s Personal statement I’m finding it hard to write anything on it, I’ve been working for it for a couple of days now. :( “As a third year college student of La Consolacion College Bacolod, I have gone into various hands on exercises, skills enhancement trainings, seminars and On-the-Job-Trainings that enhances my knowledge and skills in the field of hospitality. And with those experiences I have developed my self-confidence and the right attitude in handling different kinds of people…………………” And then I dont know what to say next.. :'(

Joanne Munro

Hi Marianne, how about something like:

I am a creative and confident third year hospitality student with extensive practical and academic experience in all areas of the catering industry. Commercially-aware with an eye for detail, I combine effective communication skills with exemplary customer service to maximise sales opportunities and deliver results in challenging target-based environments.

Change anything in bold to suit your own skills, abilities, and circumstances and you can also change this to suit what you’re best at and what you ideally want to focus your career on in the future. Employers much prefer to have a specialise than a generalist, so if you’ve got an amazing eye for new food trends, you’re great at developing systems, or you’re brilliant at building teams, then highlight those things. I hope that helps. x

marianne limen

thank you Ms. Joanne it really helps a lot :)

Joanne Munro

I’m very glad you found that useful. Your comment yesterday was the trigger for me to write a new blog post actually. There’s now a link at the bottom of this post to a new one showcasing 10 examples of different personal profiles.

Joanne Munro

Just to say some more on that. Your profile should just be a summary of what you do best in what way and for what end. I always write a CV backwards so I start writing about the person’s first job then end with their present one as that’s how their career went (have the present job at the top of course) think about WHO is going to read this and WHAT do they want to know. You don’t have to tell them every single thing you’ve learned as your CV is just to get them to call you to interview.

Put all the important stuff at the top so have a Profile then a list of your skills (practical things like “using a strong knowledge of products and services in order to maximise commercial opportunities tailored to customers individual needs” – things like that. Then put your course next as it’s probably the most relevant, then Related Career History etc. Outline what your course covers, any important projects you’ve done, and what types of marks you’re getting. Don’t just give them your job description, tell them what you achieved over and above what you’re paid to do. Don’t put in rubbish things like ‘answered the phone’ but how you helped people. Make it your business to extensively research online how to write a good CV cos it’s going to be worth thousands of pounds to you in the future. x


Hi i am writing my first cv so dont really have much experience or anything to be able to back up my point with.. Help

Joanne Munro

Hi Elisha, I think I write a response to a similar question either in this comment section or on the other blog post about profiles. You will always have some experience and if you don’t then you don’t always need to write a profile. It’s not vital and should only be written if it actually means something! Have a look through the comments and try to find my reply. x


Hi Joanne. I have read all your discussion above and I am so impressed. I am job-hunting right now and probably as everyone else struggling with a personal profile. I am applying for the Office Manager position. I have Office management diploma with Pitman and all my roles within last five years – Customer Services Manager / Administration Manager / Facilities Manager and Project Manager – all for the same company Nuffield Health- pretty much covered all the tasks that office manager does. I have started with Nuffield in a commercial division and last two years I was managing Admin & Client Services in a corporate division / I was based in Nomura, investment bank and was running the Medical Clinic and Fitness facilities. I have achieved ‘smashing’ results – always received the best possible feedback from clients and my management due to my efficiency, commitment and dedication to work combine with very friendly but professional customer service. I have great logistic and analytical skills which helped me with all the project work where I always exceeded set targets. I am not ‘boasting’ and I hate talking about myself but if I love and know something well, then it is my job. There was no further progression for me within the company so I have decided to resign and fully focus on my ‘dream job’. My CV is ready but I am aware that it is all more or less about those three sentences to really get an attention and a chance for an interview. Would you be able to give me some ideas how to start my personal profile? Many many thanks. Petra

Joanne Munro

Hi Petra, remember that your profile is just what you want summarising about yourself in a nutshell, so perhaps look at the Profile examples in the other blog post and use the framework to suit your own situation. You could highlight your Pitman diploma if a job advert emphasises admin skills, customer service if they need that etc. You have pretty much outlined all the things you’re good at (logistics, committed, analytical, efficient, customer service, project management, working to targets, exceeding expectations…) it’s all in your comment so think about what skills you need for your Dream Job and what you’d like to do more of then emphasise those skills. Think about WHAT you want them to know about you and what you do BEST and what you LOVE to do. You might be great at all those things you mentioned but I bet you like some of the tasks more than others and I bet you’re better at some of them than others as well. Focus! x


I should probably also add one very important thing. As much as I love the admin and organisational part of the role I am have always rolled up my sleeves and taken an action when necessary. I have been dealing with many facilities crises and I have proven track record of successful results thanks to my practical and responsible approach. Once again many thanks for any advice you would be able to give me. Petra


Hi, like a lot of people here I am really stuck on what to write for my personal profile. I have 7 years office experience, 3 years team leader experience but the office is mainly for data entry so its not exactly the best position anyone could be in…

Please help :)

Joanne Munro

Hi Martin, as before, your Personal Profile needs to focus on what you do best and want to carry on doing really. It also has to sum your CV up in a nutshell so no point making your profile amazing of your CV doesn’t then back it up! Again, I don’t know your exact details but you could look at the examples page (link at the bottom of the article) and tailor to suit. You should probably focus on the team building aspect instead and don’t bother highlighting something that isn’t valuable on your CV. Your profile depends on what you want to be known for and the skills you want to be known for in your next job. I hoe that helps. x

Please feel free to hire me for a CV review if you’d like a full run-down of your CV and how it could be improved.


Hi. Joanne. Do you have some tips for migrants? I have a year of experience in software development and i just moved here in new zealand.

Joanne Munro

Hi there, again, it depends on what you want to do in your next position. So you could say that you were a confident and experienced Software Developer adept at managing client expectations and bringing in complex multi-faceted projects in on time and within budget… but only if you actually do!

You don’t have to focus on the fact you’re not a native to the country, you could mention you were bi-lingual for example (if you are) but do get someone from the UK (if that’s the country you’re in!) to check your CV over. Recruiters shouldn’t discriminate based on your ethnicity, but a CV written in poor English might give them the assumption that your English is poor and you won’t be able to communicate well with colleagues and clients. Remember that you don’t have to tell them everything and they will see you’ve moved from NZ by looking at your career history anyway. x


I graduated in 2005 with bsc Automotive engineering and business management, since graduation I’ve worked for Mercedes benz as customer support for 2 years then I started my own business nothing to do with engineering, i started up my own restaurant business it has been very successful so i decided to expand I now have 2 successful restaurants but I would like to try something different possibly something in the engineering field again. I just don’t know what to write on my profile section…as i have never had an engineering position.

Joanne Munro

Hi Suhel, I’d suggest you either didn’t write a profile (you don’t always have to have one) or write that you have a degree in Automotive Engineering and background in technical support (or technical customer service) instead. On your CV use the heading ‘Engineering Experience’ and outline everything that would be useful to a prospective employer engineering-wise (what the course covered, projects you did etc). Then have ‘Other Career History’ underneath with the other non-engineering work – you don’t have to have your career in date order as long as you’re explaining this with appropriate and clear headings.

I would suggest that you focus your CV on the engineering degree and skills related to positions that interest you then contact companies you’d like to work for directly saying that you are looking for your first step into Engineering. You would certainly need to try and speak to someone in the industry about this rather than rely on just the CV or replying to job ads as, like you say, you don’t have the correct experience yet and need some. Try using LinkedIn to build a slow relationship with the types of people who can hire you – an honest message on an engineering LinkedIn group asking for suggestions and advice and maybe going to a conference/trade show where the people who could help you would be so you can engage them directly.

Basically you’re going to need someone to take a punt on you and help you out so you’re going to need to think around this problem rather than go for the usual approach, but LinkedIn groups would certainly be a good place to start. Think “who can help me and where will they be hanging out?” then go there and approach them respectfully asking for advice – don’t go in asking for favours straight away but make yourself & your situation known to them.

I hope that helps a little. x



I graduated in 2010 with BSC. Administration(Accounting Options)
After my graduations i have work as a Assistant Record Officer(National Service ).My duties include:Sorting and listing of documents,Arranging and labeling of documents,Shelving and Retrieving of files and General filing.
Also work as census field Officer for about one and half months where my duties include :Enumeration of Household and structures.
Finally i am working as Accounts Officer in information technology company(I.T ), My duties are Assisting in preparation of financial report,filing of VAT returns ,preparation of payroll for staff,Payment of ssnit (social security and national insurance trust)for staff.Pricing for a project,Daily update of receipts and expenditure and fixed asset register.



Joanne Munro

* I want to say that I’ve been getting a lot of requests from people asking how they should write their personal profiles and, although I’ve been happy to give some free examples thus far, I wrote this post so that people could read the tips, see some examples, and apply my advice (both from the post and my additional comments) to their CV themselves. I simply don’t have the time to write everyone’s Profile – plus I actually get paid to do this for a living remember!

So apologies, but I can’t write your profile for you. Please read through the posts, read the additional advice in my comments and see how you can put together your own profile. Everyone is different and your profile will vary depending on your own personal skill set and experiences. Also, there’s no point having a good profile (whomever it’s written by) if the rest of your CV isn’t up to scratch.

Joanne Munro

In which case don’t say that you do. You either outline your education or you don’t write a Personal Profile at all. A personal Profile is a summary of what skills you do have whether they have been acquired through education or volunteer work.


Please I really do need help on my profile write up. Am a lawyer and have worked for sometime but had to stop work after my last child, there’s an opening at a library and I love books and this will make me have more time for my kids so now I need help in writing my profile for that job since I haven’t worked as a librarian, thanks

Joanne Munro

Hi Cynthia, then you need to write a profile that outlines what skills you do have. You don’t necessarily need to even have one at all. Look at what skills you need to have to work in a library then reflect those skills back to them. I’m very sorry but I cannot write any more people’s Personal profiles for them just because they ask. If you are still not confident using all the information I’ve given on both blog posts and in all my comments, then perhaps ask a professional CV writer to rewrite your CV and profile. Good luck.


thank u so much, I was so clueless but now I have idea on what is required of me.


Hello, Thanks for the advice.

Do you think it makes a big difference in having your CV professionally created for you?

Joanne Munro

Hi Jennifer, That’s actually a really good question. I don’t think you have to have your CV written by a professional but I do think it helps. I offer loads of free advice on here to help people get to grips with writing their own because I know that they are actually very difficult things to write. It’s easier for me to write someone else’s CV because I can look at it objectively, I know the right questions to ask to find out what someone’s USP is, I have the writing skills to present the info concisely and clearly, and I know what key words should be used to get a person through the shortlist-for-interview process.

A lot of people come to me because they’ve spent literally days wrestling with their CV and are at the point where they want to throw themselves under a bus! Most people are perfectly capable of writing their own CV but some have no interest in doing so, some don’t have the time, and some would just prefer someone else to sort it out for them. But I would say most people come to this site because they just need to get an idea of what to do so they can go off and write their own. One client said it was like another language and I knew how to speak it and she didn’t – which was an interesting way of looking at it I guess. CV s are like the ultimate copywriting job and some people are good writers and other people find it harder. We just all have different skills.

I’m in the process of writing an example CV download actually so people can see the layout and content with explanations of why it’s like that. I’m going to charge around £3.50 as I’ve spent a while putting it together, but it will come with 2 pages of detailed notes and a £3.50 discount code for any higher value products (the example CV will be a retail one but I hope to have some more job-specific example CVs for sale too) You’ll find this in a Downloads Page soon along with lots of free downloads too. I’m hoping that being able to actually see a CV laid out in a structured way will give people a more practical idea of what to do and they can just replace the example CV info with their own. I think it helps to actually see a decent CV to understand how it can be adapted for yourself.

I would say that if you are going to hire a CV writer then make sure they offer a personal service. Check that they’ll sit down with you or Skype you to talk through your work history, achievements, and skills, Make sure they come recommended (look at testimonials or ask for referrals from friends), and only hire them if you feel they know their stuff and will do a good job. Make sure they do a free consultation as well so you can get a sense of their integrity and experience, and don’t feel bad about not hiring them if you don’t feel they know what they’re talking about.

I guess it’s like a lot of things: I could cut my own hair, or I could have a go at putting some shelves up – but actually I’d prefer to pay someone who knows what they’re doing instead as I know it’ll save me time and they can do a much better job than I can. Getting someone to write your CV can be an expensive, but if you look at it as an investment for something that gets you a job that earns you thousands and makes you happy, then it’s worth getting it right whether you do it yourself or not. x

Sean Bryan

Hey Joanne i’m currently working on my CV, I could do with some of your brilliant guidance!

Im trying to find a job as an Electrician on my own after 4/5 years of working with my father, In 2012 I gained my City & Guilds level 3 and Wiring regulations, so I have the specific qualifications required, I’m struggling on writing my personal statement:

A highly motivated individual, with a strong passion to succeed taking a mature and responsible approach to any task or situation I am presented with. With four years experience working as an Electrician specializing in Domestic Installation working for my fathers Business G & S Electrical Installations, with a proven track record of high quality service. Also I worked within the restaurant and retail sector in Gamestation and KFC high street stores, where I learnt excellent communication and customer service skills. I’m hard working, trustworthy and a flexible individual, with the ability to work on my own initiative as well as part of a team.

Any help with making this sound better would be hugely appreciated!




Hi, I have to write a CV as a part of my coursework but I am stuck on personal profile as I’m only 15 and I am on my work experience at the moment.
Any advice would be really appreciated.

Joanne Munro

Hi Daisy. I have done 2 CVs for school-leavers. One of them I didn’t write a profile for and the other one I wrote: “I am a confident and enthusiastic school-leaver with a strong academic record and practical experience in a variety of part-time and voluntary roles. A strong communicator with excellent organisational abilities, I am currently looking for an opportunity to gain further experience, widen my skill set, and progress my career development.”

It was written this way because the person wasn’t sure what they wanted to do and their work experience was varied and covered all sectors. If your work experience is all retail or waitressing for example, then mention customer service, ability to multi-task, work in fast-paced highly pressurised environments etc. Look at the skills you’ve gained and mention them. If you have no proper work experience then don’t write a profile. x

Joanne Munro

Also – that person actually DID have strong communication and organisational abilities. They were his 2 biggest skills and defined how he approached everything he did so I wanted to highlight them. Don’t write anything that you’re not or it won’t match the rest of your CV. His CV showed hard evidence that he was both of these things.

Remember that it’s no good having a great personal profile if the rest of your CV is weak. Don’t say anything in your profile that you don’t have evidence of later in your CV. x


I’ve hit a brick wall trying to complete my cv and like everyone else its what to write on my personal profile.
i’ve had jobs waitressing bartending social work and operating machinery BUT


I have been out of work for the last 5 years raising my daughter alone and am now in a position where I can work again. I’m unsure of how to constructively explain such a long time out of employment any help or tips will be hugely appreciated

Joanne Munro

Hi Maria,

The best way to approach a gap is to either mention it in your covering letter (mention it briefly, don’t make a big deal out of it like it’s a bad thing) or to put a very brief line under your last position or as a separate paragraph in your personal profile (wherever seems most suitable but after your last job is good as it’s not the first thing recruiters see) saying something like:

“In 2008 I left (company name) to spend time raising my family. I am now looking for an organisational role in a social context/corporate environment/whatever where my communication/language/admin/whatever skills can be used to their best advantage. Change anything I’ve written in italics to suit your own situation.

Also, in response to your other comment, you don’t have to mention every single job you’ve ever done. If you’re going for a retail position, for example, then call your career history section ‘Related Career History’. If your jobs are all over the place they will wonder if you know what it is you want to do or if you’ll stick with them. Try and focus on the SKILLS you used in the jobs not the roles themselves. Communication and helping people seem to be the main themes in your work history but I don’t know you so it’s hard to say.

If you have a very chequered work history then it really is worth paying a professional to write your CV. Look at it as an investment – you’ve probably already wasted enough of your valuable time struggling with it already! I’m fully booked at present but search Google for a CV Writer in your area, meet with them (always have a personal consultation) and see if they can help you further. They are used to presenting people in the best light and can look at your career objectively which is hard for most people.

Millions of women have career breaks so don’t worry about that, I’d focus more on the fact you’ve had lots of jobs. x


I just finished my GCSEs and am waiting for my results. I want a part time job but have little experence. What do I do?

Joanne Munro

Hi Lola, then you just write a CV outlining what experience or education you do have. Use the reams and reams of information I’ve written in both articles and in both comments sections and apply the advice to your own CV. I’m sorry I can’t tell you what to do but I get so many people asking me to just tell them what to write for free that I just can’t. I’d be here all day! If you’re stuck then hire a CV writer in your area to get one done professionally. x


hi joanne,
i am confused in writing my CV.
I left my studies in 2003 and involved in family business of printing and manufacturing.
and later in 2009 i went to UK for further studies and was in uk for 4 yrs and was also doing part time job as a supervisor along with studies.
now i am back and looking for job
please help me with my CV

thanking you,

Joanne Munro

Hi Faisal, if you would like to hire me to write your CV then please check the rates page for costs, see the ‘How it Works’ page to find out what to do next then drop me an email with your information. You might also like to download the CV Cheat Sheet which demonstrates extensively and in detail how to write a CV. It’s £10 but that’s MUCH cheaper than hiring someone! x


hi joanne please could you help me i have finished my childcare level 2 with a big C but i dont know how to start of with my cv so pleasee could you give me a hint of that please
thank you
maria x

Joanne Munro

Hi Maria, I have a paid download CV Cheat Sheet available that was exclusively designed to help people write their CV. You can find it from the CV Downloads section or by clicking the purple Bill Murray ad in the sidebar.

It’s a retail CV with extensive and detailed inline comments outlining why this CV works and how you would tailor it for your own needs. You can see how to format, style and write the content as well as gain a thorough understanding of why the CV is written that way. There are then an additional 2 pages of notes telling you how to write your CV and how to tailor your CV to different jobs. The CV is £10 but the SOLE purpose of a CV is to get you a job worth thousands after all! There are also some free examples available on the downloads page but none of them come with notes explaining why the CV is the way it is. x


Hi Joanne, for work experience the only thing i have is plumbing and heating. Does that count for anything?

Joanne Munro

Hi there. Well it counts of you’re going into the plumbing and heating business! It also shows attention to detail, customer service, being able to work to deadlines within budget, give accurate quotes, work within safety guidelines etc. It really depends what you want to do but all experience counts for something.

Christopher loth

Hi Joanne. Thank you very much for your advice. I’m a degree holder in Education (Geography and Economics) but throughout my studies I have studied a lot of courses which do not relate with education field like market of service, Business entrepreneurship, Environmental management, Business laws especially the law of contract. I would like to get your advice on what should I include in my CV.

Joanne Munro

Hi Christopher, when writing your CV always think WHO will be reading this and WHAT will they want to know? And then tell them only that. Every word and line has to earn its place on your CV and if it’s not relevant then don’t include it – or include it near the bottom of your training section but only if you have room. If you write that you’re ‘proactive in your personal and professional development’ in your Skills Summary (see the Awesome CV Cheat Sheet for how to write a CV) then recruiters will see evidence of this statement when they get to your Qualifications/Training/Education section.

If in doubt then use the space to focus on what a recruiter WILL want to see though.
I hope that helps. Jo. x

PS – I removed the comments about God in your question as I’m an Atheist!


Hi, Joanne!

I left college a couple a months ago and I’m currently working on my CV so I can start applying for apprenticeships in Business and Administration. My tutors stressed that it would be much better if I had a personal profile on my CV, however, when attempting to write one I felt as if I’d hit a brick wall.

These tips and the examples you gave others have helped greatly. I no longer feel completely clueless. Thank you x

Joanne Munro

Hi Shannon, you have made my day – thank you!My aim is to provide info that helps people so to hear that you found it really useful makes me feel very happy. Good luck with your apprenticeship hunt! x


You’re welcome!

Although this did help me with CV writing, I’m still a little stuck on my personal profile. As I’m fresh out of college and I don’t have any job experience I don’t know what to write. Do you have any tips? Thank you x

Joanne Munro

Hi Shannon, a profile I recently wrote for a English Graduate was: “I am high-achieving second year English Literature student with extensive training and mentoring experience in a group environment. A strong communicator with excellent organisational skills, I am currently looking for an opportunity to gain further experience, widen my skill set, and progress my career development in a creative professional environment.”

This might help you – but please note this particular person DID have training and mentoring experience, WAS a strong communicator with excellent organisational skills, and their grades showed they were exceedingly high achieving. Anything you write in your profile has to be backed up with evidence later in the CV. Call on whatever skills and experience you do have whether it’s in an educational setting or not. I hope that helps. x


yes, that did help. Thank you! I may not have had a job but I have a 7 day work experience in a actual business and my college had a ‘practice office’ where real business situations occurred. Would that be worth mentioning?

Sorry for all the questions but I REALLY appreciate your help. I was really clueless and had no one to ask and you’ve helped me a great deal. Thanks again! x

Joanne Munro

Yes! That is 100% worth mentioning! It’s the one thing you do have and you need to milk it. Basically wring every last drop you can out of everything you’ve ever done that is remotely like work or uses skills that employers would want. When you first set out you’ve got a load of competition, hardly any experience, and nobody cares if you’re a really decent person or a hard worker or not – you have to show clearly and concisely (because how you come across on your CV will give an impression of how you work and what you’re like – messy sloppy CV = lazy and untidy worker) what you’ve done to get your foot on the ladder. I’m really pleased you’re finding this info useful – good luck! x


Hi Joanne please help lol

I am currently a qualified childcare practitioner with 8 and a half years experience.

I wish to move away from this field of work due to having two small children at home, im finding it a bit too much now.

How can I do my personal statement but make my skills sound like they would make me an ideal candidate for clerical, reception, admin type of work.

Joanne Munro

Hi Alexandra, I’ve written a comment on here to someone who wanted to move from care work to sales so please see my reply there as it’s pretty much the same. I’m working in a field in Wales at the moment so can’t write a proper reply, but basically you can’t just make it look like you have experience, you actually have to have the experience as recruiters will always go for someone who has a background in admin rather than take a punt on someone who hasn’t – unless you know them and they’re willing to help you out that is. So if you have the experience then put that in the profile then list your skills set then have a related career experience section on your CV. See the free Admin CV in the CV Downloads section for an example. x


Hi Joane.
I want completely change my career from warehouse and construction office based (accounts assistant) and don’t have idea how to write my profile .I read a lot about how to write winning CV and still don’t known how to write profile. Can You help me please ?

My work experience start about seven years ago as a Order Picker(Tesco warehouse with chilled food) then Packer, Goods In (packing 25 kg bags),later Handyman and finally Painter and Decorator.

Because in that jobs never had permanent position I decide to do something and go to college to study accounting. Now have finished AAT Level 2 certificate in accounting and I’m part way through AAT Level 3.
How could I summarize that in a personal profile that is meant for Accounts Assistant? Many many thanks !!!

Joanne Munro

Hi Paul, I’m actually working in a field at an event in Wales so don’t have much time but a profile I wrote for someone who was retraining to become a Systems Analyst was:

“I am a BSc Computing and IT Hons student with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Analytical with a strong interest in systems and networking, I am currently looking for an organisation to assist with my professional development and enable me to acquire the specialist skills and experience needed to further my knowledge whilst I work towards completing my degree.”

Maybe something like this but tailored towards finance and outlining the specific skills and experience you have. He particularly needed a company to train with but if you finish your profile off with one of the other profile structures (use the free example finance CV in the CV Downloads section) you should be able to put together a summary of your experience and situation. Just remember it’s what you’ve done and how you work in a nutshell – it’s just a summary and it’s what you want a recruiter to know about you. Gloss over anything you don’t want them to focus on, and highlight the things you do.

Sorry I don’t have much time but I hope this helps. x


I just finished my national youth service corps and i’m about getting started with my cv,i’m finding it difficult with my profile.i really need a helping hand

Joanne Munro

Hi Nelly, I’ve written extensive notes and advice in the comments section of both posts on Personal Profile that should help you. I offer profile-writing as a paid service but I am unavailable for work until September as I am away. x


Hi Joanne
I am currently looking at a complete career change and struggling to write my CV. I have been a beauty therapist for 14years, (8years self employed) and its all I have ever known. I did a Level 2 EDCL extra course in IT skills last year and advised that Administration might be a good place to start. I’ve also been advised to concentrate on my personal profile, although not to overdo it, which is quite frustrating as I have no experience in anything else. I feel like my cv will be empty and bland. Any advice will be much appreciated. Many thanks

Joanne Munro

Hi Marie, I’m working away in a field in Wales but I answered a question on career change in the last couple of days which will be near the bottom of the comments section in the ‘Personal Profile Examples’ blog post. You need to focus on the skills and experience you do have and you also need to get as much admin experience as possible even if that’s doing some volunteer or intern work. Apologies that I don’t have more time but the answer you need should be in the reply to the guy wanting to change from social work to sales in the other blog post. x


Hello Joanne,
Need to write a personal profile. Worked as project engineer and Sr Mechanical Engineer in the space program and looking to work in the oil field business. Could you help me with some advice what to write for personal profile.


Joanne Munro

Hi Alan, I’m away at the moment so can you read the above comment about changing careers. There’s an outline of what to do in the comments section of the ‘Personal Profile Examples’ blog post. x


I have no idea what to put on my cv! I have just recently finished my last year of secondary school and currently hoping to apply for a lot of part time jobs as a sales assistant while i’m at college, but have no idea how to keep my statement short, sweet and to the point!?

Joanne Munro

Hi Beth, there should be enough information in both blog posts and in the extensive and lengthy notes I’ve written in the comments of both posts as well. I do offer this as a paid service but I’m unavailable now until September.

carmen hatt

I am trying to get back into the office/admin environment after six years of doing housekeeping in spain. I went into this work because of the language barrier and was unable to et any work in the administration field. i am now having great difficulty getting a look in on any office work because the last six years work experience on my cv is cleaning work. how can i word my personal statement right fr them to give me a chance at these jobs?

Joanne Munro

Hi Carmen, apologies for the delay as I’m on holiday. Basically you jump over the cleaning work and just focus on the admin stuff. Make your profile about your admin skills and experience, then have a Skills Summary section (see free admin example in the CV Downloads section) where you list all the skills you have that a recruiter would want, then have a Related Career History section. You then add a little note at the bottom of your last admin position to BRIEFLY explain why you left the industry and that you’re now looking to return (do not make a big deal out of it or a recruiter will think it is actually a big deal) you want them to see all the skills you have first rather than the fact your last job was a housekeeper. You know you can do the job so you need to show them you can without highlighting the wrong things. It’s all smoke and mirrors!

Good luck. x


hi there,
i really do need you help, I have just graduated with a degree in social work; I have been working with people with intellectual disabilities since 2009, and also worked mental health clients. While I was studying I worked with two agencies as social support worker, healthcare assistant and community support worker. And each service is different. It’s a bit confusing. I don’t know how to write my personal profile.
thanks cynthia

Joanne Munro

Hi Cynthia, basically you should just start with the fact you’ve just graduated with a degree in social work and have extensive experience of a variety of care sectors including social support, mental health, health care, and community support.

I offer personal profile writing as a paid service but I am unable to take on any more work until the end of September. I’m sure you can appreciate that I get a lot of requests from people asking me to write their profiles for them, but if I did so I’d have no time to run my business and I’d end up in the poor house! Read both personal profile blog posts and all the comments I’ve written, look at the free downloads and take it from there. I intend to write another paid download with more in-depth advice and scenarios on profiles, but I need time to get that up and running. x


Hi Joanne,

I am having trouble writing a Profile for my resume. First of all, I thought the profile section is supposed to go on top of your resume below the header section? I am currently a student in my last year of Accounting Diploma and wanting to find a job as a staff accountant. I don’t really have work experience other than part time construction work, general labourer, and stocks person at a retail store. I have fast typing skills and can speak another language, also computer skills such as microsoft word but it seems cliche. I also played on a university sports team competitively. But I am not sure how to summarize all of these in my profile because I don’t find that the skills and experiences I have are relevant to the job I am applying for. Could you give me some suggestion? thank you in advance.

Joanne Munro

Hi there. Yes your profile goes at the top of your CV under your name – see one of the free CVs in the CV Download Section (maybe the finance one!). Your CV then should be all about your course. You’ve just spent all that time learning about accounting so that’s what you talk about. What the course covers and what your speciality is etc. Just pick out the things that a recruiter will find valuable – your course, retail experience, bi-lingual, strong computer skills etc maybe even try to get some intern work with an Accountancy firm so you have some practical experience – think around the problem! I offer Profile writing as a paid service but am on holiday at present. x


Hi Joanne

I am currently in my second year of A2 and I’m currently working on my CV so I can start applying for a job as a swimming teacher so that i can carry on doing this as a part time job when/ if i get to university. I have done some research and realised that it is better to put a personal profile into my CV, however, when attempting to write one I felt as if I’d hit a brick wall.

The tips and the examples you gave others have helped but i was wandering if you had any tips for me. I have a part time job as a waitress at the minuite but that does not really link to the swimming, i do some voluteering and i have done the courses that are required to get the job, im just unsure how to put it all together well. Please can you help. :-)

Joanne Munro

Hi Becky, It’s only very occasionally that I have just told people for free how to write their profile. I spent a lot of time writing both articles and extensive comments on both posts about how to do this. Read the advice, follow the formula and write about the courses and ways that you ARE qualified to do the job. Keep in mind WHO is going to read this, WHAT are they going to want to know and then tell them just that. x

Bernardette Mchugh

Hi Joanne, my daughter has asked me to search for ideas on a personal statement and ive been reading your brilliant replys please can you help? She was in the Army as a medic for 5 years in that time she was in Iraq on the frontline. Shes now out and studying nursing at uni and is in her 3rd and last year, she also has signed back up to the TA teaching first aid to new recruits and also does 12 hr shifts as a carer. How could we word this for it to stand out xx

Joanne Munro

Hi Bernadette, my apologies but I can’t give free advice to each reader and tell them how to write their own profile. If your daughter would like to contact me and hire me to write her profile then I would be more than happy to. I’m sure you can appreciate that I get a lot of requests for free advice and I’d be here all day and out of a job if I did so! x

Bernardette Mchugh

Hi Joanne thanks for your reply, hows best to contact you? My daughter will email you for prices thanks xx

Joanne Munro

Hi Bernadette. All the prices can be found on the Rates Page at the top of the site, and the process is outlined on the ‘How it Works’ page under the Services tab. I am fully booked until the week after next however. x


Thanks for this, you’ve convinced me on the importance of a profile!

Only problem is, how would you write it if you’re thinking of a career change? For example, I’ve spent seven years in a number of jobs mainly as a broadcast journalist/presenter and I’ve also produced some of my own programmes from initial research to post-production marketing etc. I’ve also worked in digital marketing.

But it was my last job for six months where I did some data analysis and risk management work for a global education provider that makes me want to forge a career in Business Analysis. So, how would I gear my profile in this direction given my previous experience is so different? I do have advanced Excel…

Thank you!

Joanne Munro

Hi Suraya, I would outline the things you do that are relevant to the career you want, but then add that you have a background in x,y,z. I’m in the process of writing a paid download on how to write your CV and profile if changing careers actually as I get a few questions about that. Focus on the things that a new employer would want as your priority though.

Anamol Dhakal

Hi, I have recently completed my second year exam of International Advance diploma in Computing and my third year will start from march 2014 so I am planing to apply for internship between this gap of period. But I am facing the problem how to write my profile for my CV.I have get some courses from the other institute as well to improve my skill and work as a part time job as a web-developer (Php programmer , WordPress plugin devloper), Supervisor for the beginner, and as an analyst for some desktop base application. I have a good knowledge in database planning (normalize) and programming based language such as PHP, JAVA, C#. I need help how to write my CV. If you have time Please help me.
Anamol Dhakal

Joanne Munro

Hi Anamol, I have already answered a question exactly like this in the comments already. The profile I wrote for someone on an IT (Cisco) course who needed experience was:

“I am a BSc Computing and IT Hons student with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Analytical with a strong interest in systems and networking, I am currently looking for an organisation to assist with my professional development and enable me to acquire the specialist skills and experience needed to further my knowledge whilst I work towards completing my degree.”

Just change to fit your own course and interests. x


helo joanne kindly help me out.i m confused how i can write my personal profile…..i m graduate,my hobby is playing cricket i m doing masters in english.i have received laurels in my sport teacher is my ideal.i have 2 year teaching experience in school as a english teacher.

Joanne Munro

Hi Suni, you have all the info there. A recruiter won’t care about the cricket but read the Personal Profile Examples blog post and see the other free downloads in the Freebies section and you’ll work it out. If you’re still stuck then hire me to write it for you. x


Good Morning thanks for replying me. Actually cricket is my craze and i m doing master in english literature for the sake of good job. i want to show leadership qualities in my professional life so i want to show my enthusiastic activity. But my aim is to become a teacher trainer at higher level. it seems odd when a vacancy of teacher but i represent myself as a player.Plz help

Joanne Munro

Hi Suni. Then you need to focus on the points you DO want to make – as outlined in ALL of my articles and numerous comments on both blog posts. I’m sorry that I can’t give you an answer as I don’t know you – or for free as I need to make a living and I’d never get a minute to myself or to do any work!

You just need to tell them the things they’re going to be interested in that relate to your career goal. Buy the Anatomy of a CV download to learn how to write a CV that gets you interviews, sign up for my free 4-day guide to successfully getting a new job, or hire me to write your profile for you. I am booked up until the middle/end of next week with paying clients however.

Andile Sydwell

I’m having difficulties on how to compile a personal profile,i don’t have much experience,i’ve studied Occupational Health and Safety Act short course at unisa.

Joanne Munro

Hi Andile, please read all the tips in both blog posts telling you how to write a profile, look at the examples and comment that go with them, download the free pdf with a ton more examples, and read the lengthy and extensive comments I’ve provided in both blog posts. If you’re still stuck then you can pay to hire me to help you.


Hi Joanne, Just wondering if you could possibly help me?

I worked in retail for 6 years, a job I loved and was very good at and gained lots of experience, but I haven’t worked now for 6 years due to personal circumstances and caring for a family member.

I am trying to write my CV to get back into retail work, I’ve done everything except my personal statement as I cannot write it without sounding like I am being too arrogant, I want to ‘sell’ myself but I don t want to sound like everyone else. I am aware that the gap in my work history is off putting so I need to give them something to make them interested.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Joanne Munro

Hi Kirsty, well you can’t get around the fact that you had to take some time off so it’s going to be a matter of hiding it as much as you can. You can’t help if people are put off by it – all you can do is paint yourself in the best possible light. My Anatomy of a CV (£10 paid download) is the same as the free ones except it’s a Retail CV so that would help you considerably. Click the ad at the top of the site or Bill Murray in the sidebar to get to the page.

You’re going to have to ‘jump over’ the last 6 years in your career history. Do this by mentioning it AFTER your last job. Act as if you haven’t had the career break – so do your profile, then skills summary then your last job, then put a little asterisk underneath saying that you took time off to care for a family member and that you’re now looking for am opportunity to return to a retail career. If you make a big deal about it then a recruiter will think it’s a big deal.

Also tap everyone you know for personal recommendations as this is a good way to get a job instead of just sending in your application like a billion other people! There’s nothing you can do to change the fact you’ve not worked for 6 years, but you can disguise it a little. You don’t want the first thing they see to be that you’ve not got recent experience – let them see all your skills before you tell them that.

profile-wise, if you’re not going to big yourself up then nobody else will! You don’t have to brag or sound wanky, you just outline what you CAN do. How you work, what you do best, what skills you’re offering basically. Take a look at the other blog post on profile examples and download the free examples from the freebies section as well.

I’ve just signed you up to my free 4-day email guide as it covers everything you’ll need to know about getting a new job. x


Hi, I have been trying to write my CV Personal Statement for way too long now and am in real need of some help; this is what i have so far and i now this is no where near adequate

“School leaver-determined enthusiastic computer literate
I enjoy tasks that make me think, I enjoy learning new skills and being able to perfect those skills so that I can- I take great pride in a job done well and I enjoy taking an active role in the activities going on around me and therefore I have worked repeatedly within groups but find it – to work off my own initiative. I have great verbal and written communication and am computer literate I am self- motivated; have good time management, problem solving and organisational skills. I have good interpersonal skills and am always willing to help others when necessary. I am willing to be flexible with working hours and after finishing my A-Levels this past July I am looking for an apprenticeship that will allow me to work my way to a career in a market area I am passionate about.

I’m 19, I have very little work experience and during summer i work on my families food stall during Notting Hill Carnival- is there any advice you can give me?

Joanne Munro

Hi Jane, there is a TON of advice in this blog post, I have another blog post full of examples and a free download rammed with even more examples. If you’re still stuck then you can hire me to write your profile for you. x

white tea

Does your site have a contact page? I’m having trouble locating
it but, I’d like to shoot you an email. I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing.
Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it expand over time.


Hi, I have been in the same job for 9 years. I work as a sales assistant in a supermarket and would like to apply for a supervisor role for a competitor, I am struggling to write a personal profile. will they wonder why I have suddenly deciding to move jobs after such a long time? thanks

Joanne Munro

Hi Linzi. They probably won’t wonder why at all. I write CVs for people who have been with one company for 10-20 years so don’t worry. Also – even if they do ask, then you just tell them why you’ve stayed in the same job for 9 years. Say it’s because you get on so well with your colleagues and have always been happy with the role, it’s just recently you decided that you’d like a new challenge. Companies like loyalty more than they like people who job hop so you’ll be fine. Good luck… exciting times!!

I’ve just signed you up for my free 4-day guide to getting a new job as it covers every single aspect and I know you’ll find it useful. x

Benton Dube

I want to know how to write a good cv. I am stuck with a cover letter n cant figure out how to do a gud profile. I really dont know what constitutes one.

Joanne Munro

Hi there, if you buy the Anatomy of a CV it shows you step by step how to do this. Signing up to and reading my free 4-day guide to getting a job also tells you. If you click the CV Tips category in the sidebar you’ll see lots of blog posts where I tell you, if you go to the Freebies section you can download free CV examples – or you could hire me or another CV writer to write you a new CV.

chloe lai

Hi Joanne, i am impressed of your advise to other people, its really helpful. But i still don’t know how to start my personal profile. I am only a high school graduate, no degree, no diploma, i don’t even don’t what i want to be as my long term career. I don’t have specific skills, all I’ve got is 6 mouths working experience as a sales assistance. Should I have different personal profile when i send my CV to different company in different industry? Or write some general statement? Thanks for your help, hope you can reply me.

Joanne Munro

Hi Chloe, you should always have a different profile tailored to every job you go for (read more on the ‘Examples of Personal Profiles’ post. Because you don’t have any education or experience and aren’t sure what you’d like to do, the only advice I can give you is to see a Careers Advisor to help you work out what you can and want to do. I’m not a career specialist you see – I just write CVs. It can be really hard working out what you want to do but it’s worth starting off in the right direction rather than randomly going off in every direction so you don’t have to backtrack and change career direction years down the line.

I’d start by thinking about what skills you have – are you very organised, good with people, a great problem-solver, analytical, love numbers? that kind of thing so you can at least play to your strengths and will end up doing something that you actually like to do. Maybe try some things out on a voluntary basis to see what kind of things you like to do as well. But see a professional Career Advisor for sure as they know more about this than I do. Good luck! x

chloe lai

Thanks a lot, Joanne, you are really nice. Wish you all the best in the future.

Christopher J Madavaram

I would like to create my profile by you. could you please tell me how I can touch with you

Joanne Munro

Hi, you just email me using the contact tab at the top. I’m not taking on any more work until then middle of November though as I’m going on holiday on Monday and I have a waiting list when I get back. x


I needed to thank you for this fantastic read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and have book-marked you so I can look at new things you post.


Great and helpful article Joanne! Just a quick question, I have nearly 10 years retail experience but looking to take my career in a different direction and move into an office role. Currently I do some office work but primarily I am supervising on the shop floor, how can I write a personal profile which will make me more appealing to an employer seeking someone to work in an administrative position?

Joanne Munro

Hi Chris, I’m actually in the process of writing a paid download about how to write your CV when changing careers. Basically you need to highlight the things the recruiter would want to see and play down the things they don’t. Think about what you need for the admin role (skills and personal skills – managing people, responding to queries quickly and accurately etc – download my free Admin CV on the freebies page) and then show them that you’ve done them. My last blog post on addressing a gap in your CV will also have some relevant information for your situation. Give them an admin CV with a retail background rather than the other way around. x


Hi Joanne!
I am an MBA and have experience of 4 months at one place and 2 months at other place and 1 month again at some other place and I am free since 3 months. I had to leave jobs due to some personal reasons. Now I want to get into some job but it’s difficult to cover the gap in CV. I will be treated as a fresher. Should I tell about 1-2 months of experience or skip it b’coz it’s not a kind of experience as such.

Seeking for your precious advice as you always do.


Joanne Munro

Hi Nandini, it does depend on whether the experience would enhance or dilute your CV. Read my blog post called How to Address a Gap in Your CV as that might help you decide. x


Hi, I’m currently finding quite difficult to write a good profile for a part time job as I’m currently college student studying programming IT.

I’ve never had a job before, the only work experience I have is from secondary school and I had to work at a office. my job role was to take the phone calls, make photocopies and sometimes talk to the customers face to face and tell them where to go or who to speak to.

help me!!!

Joanne Munro

Hi Abdi, if you look back through my comments and advice on this post and the other post on personal profiles then you’ll find all the info you need. You have to focus on what skills you did learn and those you have got and match them to what the prospective employer wants. Apologies for not writing it all out again, but I’m really busy today and all the answers are already in the comments section. I’ve signed you up for the free 4-day guide to getting a job as well as that will help you even more. If you’re still stuck then you can hire me to write a personal profile for you. x


Hi Joanne, Just wondering if you could help me with my 60-word personal statement?
Im a master degree student studying Business and economy of contemporary china seeking for summer internship for my big final coursework of uni (internship report). My cv will be sent to an employment agency which could help to match me with some major related company. However, I’m interested in a wide range of industries,such as International business and Real estate. I’m a very outgoing person with intern experiences in different area (Bank, Children amusement centre, Letting agency ect.)

I will be really appreciate if you could help me out.


“An adaptable, responsible and versatile graduate in business studies with an international outlook. Successfully combined studies with work and other commitments during degree study, showing myself to be self-motivated, organised and capable of working under pressure. With excellent teamwork and communication skills that are based on solid academic background and reinforced through good internship experiences.”

How does it sounds? Could you give me some suggestions on it?

again, thank you very much Joanne:)

Joanne Munro

I think that sounds really good. You have just focused on your softer skills (which everyone has) of time-keeping, self-motivated, organised etc which they will have seen a million times before. I would try and think about what hard skills you have – what did you excel at education-wise, what was the thing you did better than everyone else, were you good at research, international communications, organising and presenting data? that kind of thing.

So although it actually reads brilliantly, you haven’t outlined why they should hire YOU over your classmates – why and how are you different than them? x

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