Personal Profile Examples

A Personal Profile is who you are

Personal profiles are the hardest things to write so I thought I’d show you examples of profiles I’ve written for previous clients. You’ll see they’re written in an easily-customisable framework structure so specific words can be removed and replaced depending on what’s required for the position you’re applying for. 

10 Personal Profile Examples

1) “I am a results-driven Business Analyst and qualified Management Accountant with over 14 years experience working with high-profile global organisations. Analytical with strong systems skills, I specialise in structuring, standardising and streamlining financial reporting processes to provide more accurate and productive systems that enhance data visibility and facilitate better business decisions.”

2) “An accomplished eCommerce Manager with extensive project management and client-facing account handling experience, I am visually aware with an eye for design trends, and have a successful track record of maximising opportunities to secure, deliver, and manage a broad range of multi-channel marketing campaigns across a variety of web-based platforms.”

3) “I am a detail-orientated Logistics Manager with theoretical and practical experience in a variety of operational environments. Specialising in trouble-shooting and lean processes, I am adept at analysing distribution procedures and systems and using best practices to implement more efficient processes and reduce working capital costs.”

4) “I am a confident and ambitious graduate with practical hands-on customer service and travel experience. Resourceful and proactive, I combine effective communication skills with detailed product knowledge to identify commercial opportunities and deliver a satisfactory outcome for both customer and company whilst working alone and as part of a larger team.  I am currently looking for an opportunity to further my career within the travel and tourism industry.”

5) “A commercially-aware bi-lingual Reconciliations Analyst with a Masters degree in Marketing, I have extensive experience of creating and delivering multi-channel advertising campaigns. I am an effective communicator, have excellent data analysis skills, and am adept at managing simultaneous projects aimed at increasing engagement, raising brand awareness, expanding market penetration and driving sales.”

6) “I am an accomplished client-facing Programme Manager with over 10 years experience of systems and application development within the finance and credit card industry. Proficient in managing a large multi-disciplinary team to deliver complex international projects, I combine excellent strategic planning abilities with strong communication skills to ensure client projects are delivered on time and within budget.”

7) “I am a commercially-astute Finance Manager with 13 years in a technical and operations environment. Highly analytical with strong people-management skills, I have a successful track record of developing best practices that facilitate more efficient processes and creating strong cohesive teams capable of independently achieving operational directives and targets.”

8) “I am a Senior Account Manager with extensive experience working at board level with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders across both private and public sectors. Adept at financial planning and project management, I have an solid track record of using my research, analysis, strategic planning and negotiation skills to successfully develop business initiatives whilst maximising profit, minimising cost and driving continuous change.”

9) “I am an award-winning Senior Sales Executive with over eight years managerial and client handling experience. An effective communicator, I have a proven track-record of combining a strong product knowledge with excellent negotiation skills to identify and  maximise sales opportunities and deliver results in high-pressured target-based environments.”

10) “I am an accomplished Business Manager with extensive experience in the financial sector. Customer-orientated, I consistently exceed targets by delivering outstanding customer service, identifying key areas of business, focusing on long term investment and using tailored training to improve staff performance.”

* Please note that the descriptions used in these Personal Profiles were specifically selected to reflect each individual CV client, so where it says ‘accomplished’ that person was particularly accomplished and their CV then went on to show evidence of this. I close each CV consultation by asking my client what they love to do, what they do best and what they want to make sure a potential employer knows about them. So do the same.



  • Write your career history backwards. Obviously have your current or last job at the top of the CV, but start by writing the earliest job you want to mention first and work your way upwards. This is how your career actually happened and it will flow much better – I write loads of CVs and this is definitely the best way to do it.
  • Write your personal profile last. By the time you’ve written your career history and skills summary your profile will be much easier to write as you’re simply summarising everything you just wrote.
  • Keep in mind constantly that a recruiter doesn’t care about you – they just want to know what’s in it for them. So you need to make it very clear what you did, how you did it, why you did it, and what the results were. See some example CVs for in the Freebies section for reference.
  • You don’t have to write down every single job you’ve ever had. You can write ‘Relevant Career History’ or ‘Sales Career History’ for example. Remember that the sole purpose of a CV is to get you called to interview so don’t tell them your life story. Keep thinking about WHO is going to read your CV and WHAT they will want to know.
  • Focus your profile on what you’re all about (‘if you hire me then this is what you’ll be getting’ kind of thing) as recruiters prefer a specialist to a generalist. They want to see what you’ll bring to the role/organisation and if you don’t know then they sure as hell won’t hire you.
  • Your CV should be laser-focused to the position you’re applying for so you must tailor your CV for each job. If you just send out a general CV to every company then you’re not going to get an interview, it’s as simple as that.
  • Having a great personal profile is pointless if the rest of your CV is rubbish.  Learn how to write a CV that gets you every interview you go for by buying the Anatomy of a CV. I wrote it specifically to show you how to write a stand-out CV that gets you called to interview. It’s how I write CVs for people so I know it works!
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