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Hi there and welcome to my site. My name is Jo and I’m a professional CV writer.

Based in Brighton and Hove, I write and review CVs and LinkedIn profiles for local, national and international clients and have a phenomenally high success rate of writing CVs that get people called to interview.

Please use the tabs above to read testimonials, find out costs, download some free CV examples and contact me if you’d like help with your CV, personal profile or LinkedIn profile.

Why every professional needs to be on LinkedIn

Why you need to be on LinkedIn

Every professional knows they need to be on LinkedIn. With over 380 million global users, LinkedIn’s sole purpose is to act as a place for people to do business – you can write loads more on your LinkedIn profile than you can on your CV and you can even add case studies, projects, images, videos and documents. So having a great profile is vital to the success of your career.

Top job hunting mistakes

Job Hunting Mistakes

I’m always meeting people who are looking for work and I see them making the same mistakes over and over again. I know it’s hard to see yourself objectively and, because you aren’t looking for a job very often, the whole process is a bit daunting. But there are definitely things you can do to make it easier.

How to write a great CV

How to write a great CV

To get a new job you need to find a role you want at a company you’d like to work for so you can convince them to hire you. And to be hired you have to get an interview and do well at that interview. And to get the interview someone has to read and like your CV. And that only happens if someone has read and liked your cover letter!

How to write your CV when changing careers

How to write your CV when changing careers

I get a lot of emails from people who want to change careers. They know what it is they want to do, but they have no idea how to approach the CV-writing aspect. Frankly, I can sympathise with them – I write CVs for a living and they’re hard enough at the best of times without the job-change aspect thrown in!

Personal profile examples

A Personal Profile is who you are

Personal profiles are the hardest things to write so I thought I’d show you a few examples of profiles I’ve written for previous clients. You’ll see they’re written in an easily-customisable framework so specific words can be removed and replaced depending on what’s required for the position you’re applying for and what skills and experience you personally have.

How to tailor your CV to a job description

Tailor your CV to match a job description

Every CV you send out needs to be tailored to each job you’re applying for – you did know that didn’t you? If you’ve been applying for different jobs at different companies with the same  CV then you need to stop immediately because you’ll never get a job that way. And here’s three good reasons why not:

How to get a new job

Pick me!

When I talk to people at their CV consultation, the thing I have to keep reminding them is not to tell their life story in their CV or cover letter. People find it difficult to be concise and edit (read slash and burn) their career history, but if your info isn’t of the slightest interest to the recruiter, then it shouldn’t be in your CV. This is how it works:

How to do well at a job interview

How to fail a job interview

Most people are terrified of interviews, but if you want a new job then you’ll definitely have to attend one at some point! You won’t get stressed and worked up over them if you plan and do your research – you wouldn’t go into an exam without being prepared and a job interview is exactly the same – here’s how to nail an interview.

Sometimes a robot decides if you get the interview

Resume Robot

You probably don’t know this, but when you apply for a job online your CV sometimes goes through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that scans your CV for keywords to decide whether to put it through to the next stage. In fact a recent BBC survey of 20 of the world’s biggest organisations discovered that 18 of them used some type of electronic selection. Scary huh?